Mmmm, nothing says Christmas like gingerbread for breakfast. I made this very rich chocolate gingerbread last night to send to the ladies my husband works with, but since there are only three of them I kept a little for myself. When I tasted it yesterday I was mildly disappointed because I felt the molasses overpowered the spices and chocolate, but today I was pleased to find that the flavors had blended nicely. The recipe is from Beth Hensberger's "The Best Quickbreads", which I just took out of the library. I'll be trying another recipe soon, as I promised I'd bring baked goods to my mom's house for Christmas. Posted by Hello


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I like it. Also make a gingerbread, but I add a little bit of peanuts into it. result - superb!

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with peanuts?? hm, sounds interesting. if it's really cool with them - I'll make the same way


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