So good it's gone

So despite being awake half the night with a wicked headache, I got up early today to get my baking done. I promised my mom I'd bring a treat for Christmas morning, so I made a banana bread with cocoa and chocolate chunks. I also promised my aunt I'd bring a treat for Christmas dinner, so I made Coconut Lace Brownies from Alice Merdich's "Bittersweet" book; I'd have made something fancier, like one of her gorgeous cakes, but the dessert has a very long and rocky ride ahead of it. The brownies are actually quite pretty all dressed up with their toasty coconut topping. I took a picture to share, but then my camera's battery died. Guess I'll have to make them again!

So why all the chocolate? Well, of course, I love it, but I especially wanted to make some recipes with cocoa because I finally found a box of Droste this weekend. Now, after two huge loaves of bread and a big batch of brownies, it's nearly gone. Oh well - I never did believe in hanging on to things because they're too good to use! Then they never get enjoyed, right?


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