Almost Indian Food

Well, I didn't bake anything pretty this weekend but we still ate well! Since we're a bit homesick for the ethnic restaurants we frequented before we moved, in particular our favorite Indian place in Montclair, I decided to attempt a curry. We both agreed it was the best at-home pseudo-Indian food we've tasted. I got the recipe from Allrecipes, though I didn't really measure the spices precisely. I went by taste, and definitely added extra cayenne! Also, I wanted this to be a one-dish meal, so I added frozen peas and some peeled, quartered and boiled potatoes. Now you see why I call it pseudo-Indian. . . but trust me it's good! Next time, I'll make it with chicken thighs so I won't have to be so careful to keep the meat moist. Mmmm, and maybe I'll even attempt to bake some naan. Here's a link to the recipe: http://chicken.allrecipes.com/az/IndinChicknCrryII.asp?lnkid=563


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try that...

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